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Second Year


List of courses active in the 2nd year of program for 2019-2020 academic year (the calendar of lectures and classes are here)

 Course  Lecturer  Sem   ECTS
Corporate Finance Roberto Barontini  I  6
Economics of Growth in History Alessandro Nuvolari  I  9
European Indicators of Poverty and Vulnerabilities for Sustainable Development Goal and Seminars Monica Pratesi  I 9
European Statistical System and Data Production Model Monica Pratesi  I  6
Labour Economics in an European Perspective Lorenzo Corsini, Nicola Meccheri  I  6
Topics in Microeconometrics Angela Parenti  I  6
Financial Economics Giulio Bottazzi, Daniele Giachini  I 9
Economic Methodology Alessio Moneta, Pietro Guarnieri  I  6
Classical and post-Keynesia Economics Neri Salvadori  I  6
Business and Society Elisa Giuliani  II  6
Analysis of Survey Data and Small Area Estimation Monica Pratesi  II  6
Computational Economics Giorgio Fagiolo, Andrea Roventini  II  6
Industrial Economics Federico Tamagni  II 6
Globalization and Economic Development Simone D’Alessandro, Pompeo Della Posta  II  6
History of Economic Thought Fabrizo Bientinesi  II  6
Mathematical Methods for Financial Markets Davide Radi  II  6
Survey Methods: Traditional and New Techniques in Official Statistic Monica Pratesi, Luca Faustini, Linda Porciani, Roberta Varriale  II  6
The Economics of the European Union Pompeo Della Posta, Federico Pierobon, Lorenzo Corsini, Sen Partha  II  6
Topics in macroeconometrics Giuseppe Ragusa  II  6
Small Area Methods for the Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty Data and Seminars Monica Pratesi  II  9
Economics and Management of Innovation Giovanni Dosi II 6
Development Economics Mauro Sylos Labini II 6


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