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International Opportunities and Double Degree Programmes



  • Duration: 24 months
  • Location: Pisa
  • Language: English
  • Applications will be considered from December 15th, 2018 to June 30, 2019
  • Starting Academic Year 2019/20: the last week of September 2019
  • 1st term lectures: September 2019/December 2019
  • 2nd term lectures: February 2020/ May 2020
  • 1st term examinations: December 2019/February 2020
  • 2nd term examinations: May 2020/July 2020
  • 3rd term examinations: September 2019
  • Class size: max 40 students
  • International students fees and grants: The Enrollment Center of University of Pisa

The course of degree in Economics promotes the international exchanges through the International Relations Office (IRO office) of the Department of Economics and Management.

MSE students interested in international mobility by Erasmus program should consider that:

  • at maximum 30 CFU can be taken abroad;
  • only second-year courses can be validated in the student career;
  • elective courses can be sustained abroad, but they must be coherent with the aim of the MSE program, i.e. the topics of the courses should be related to economic analysis and quantitative methods; and
  • the final dissertation can be partly developed abroad, but only after discussing the topic with a supervisor member of the MSE faculty.

Click here for the direct link to the IRO website. There you can find more information about Erasmus+ Programme and about Exchange Programmes.

The Master of Science in Economics offers a Double Degree Programme with the M.Sc. Economics – Survey Statistics at Trier University
Course List for Students starting at University of Pisa

Course List
Semester Course name Subject area ECTS Mandatory/
  1 UP Advanced Statistics SECS-S/01   9  M
  1 UP Survey Methods SECS-S/01   6  E
  1 UP Official Statistics (traineeship) SECS-S/01  12  M
  2 UP Advanced Macroeconomics SECS-P/01  12  M
  2 UP Advanced Microeconomics SECS-P/01  12  M
  2 UP Time Series Econometrics SECS-P/05   9  M
  3 UT Survey Sampling SECS-S/01   5  M
  3 UT Monte-Carlo Simulation Methods* SECS-P/08  10  M
  3 UT EMOS core* IUS/05   5  M
  3 UT One course of Statistics  or
Two courses of Suvery Statistcs (see elective courses)
SECS-P/08   10  E
  4 UT Master thesis     30  
  Total    120  

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