Unipi / Sssup

Documents to be included in the application

The online application require the following six documents to be produced in separate pdf files:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant;
  2. A motivation letter in which the applicant explains why she/he is applying to the MSE programme;
  3. statement of exams taken with marks and final degree obtained;
  4. the detailed programs (i.e. the list of topics and references) of the exams of Mathematics, Statistics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics which the applicant submits as the proof she/he satisfies the minimum requirements of 9 credits in Mathematical Methods, 9 credits in Statistics, and 18 credits in Economics;
  5. Bachelor’s diploma of the applicant (if applicable);
  6. the certificate of knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, CBT, etc.) or personal declaration; and
  7. a copy of her/his valid international ID.

Incomplete or uninformative applications will not be considered and the applicant will be required to complete the documentation with the consequent delay of her/his own admission procedure.