Unipi / Sssup

Requirements for Admission

Applications can be submitted by graduate and undergraduate students, provided that the latter expect to graduate before the closing date for enrollment (December 31).

Admitted undergraduate  applicant can enroll only after graduation.

If the foreign student will graduate after the deadline for the submission of the visa application for study purposes, she/he can receive a statement in which admission committee of MSE declares that at this time she/he is eligible for the admission, which will be bound to obtaining the degree.

In order to gain admission to the MSE program, the applicant’s curriculum studiorum must meet some minimal requirements and the candidate must exhibit personal qualifications, as well as an adequate command of the English language.

Minimal requirements

During their Bachelor studies applicants should have already obtained a minimum number of credits in key disciplines. In particular:

  • 18 credits in Economics;
  • 9 credits in Statistics;
  • 9 credits in Mathematical Methods in Economics, Actuarial Science and Finance;
  • 45 credits in a wider range of disciplines including Economics; Economic Policy; Public Finance; History of Economic Thought; Econometrics; Applied Economics; Accounting; Economics and Business Administration; Economics of Financial Intermediaries; Economic History; Private Law; Public Law; Political Sciences; Contemporary History; Geometry; Mathematics; Probability and Mathematical Statistics; Operations Research; Experimental Physics; Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Methods and Models.
Italian applicants

For applicants graduated from an Italian University, the fulfillment of minimal requirement is checked by looking at the scientific sector of the exams taken in the previous academic career.

(SECS-P/01 Economics; SECS-S/01 Statistics; SECS-S/06 Mathematical Methods in Economics, Actuarial Science and Finance; SECS-P/02 Economic Policy; SECS-P/03 Public Finance; SECS-P/04 History of Economic Thought; SECS-P/05 Econometrics; SECS-P/06 Applied Economics; SECS-P/07 Accounting; SECS-P/08 Economics and Business Administration; SECS-P/11 Economics of Financial Intermediaries; SECS-P/12 Economic History; JUS/01 Private Law; JUS/09 Public Law; SPS/04 Political Sciences; M-STO/04 Contemporary History; MAT/03 Geometry; MAT/05 Mathematics; MAT/06 Probability and Mathematical Statistics; MAT/09 Operations Research; FIS/01 Experimental Physics; FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Methods and Models.)

Foreign applicants

For prospective applicants who have not graduated from an Italian University, the fulfillment of minimal requirements is assessed by examining in detail the contents of the courses taken in their previous academic careers.

Personal qualification

The candidate must possess a good knowledge at the undergraduate level of the theoretical and quantitative tools (math and stats) needed to profitably attend the MSE program. The overall profile and the undergraduate performance must show a solid background and inclination toward the subjects and specializations offered in the programme.The assessment of the personal qualification is made by the Admission Committee after a careful scrutiny of the curriculum vitae and the undergraduate career of the candidate.

Command of English

All candidates must be able to understand and express themselves both in spoken and written English: the minimum level required is a B2 in the framework of CEFR. In particular cases, documentary evidence of the command of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, CBT, etc.) can be substituted by a personal declaration.