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Quality Control

This page reports several information about the internal monitoring of the functioning of the Master Degree in Economics. Given that the monitoring is carried out moslty by internal staff, several of the terminology, procedures and documents are in italian.

Committee for Quality Control (Gruppo per la Assicurazione della Qualità) – AQ committee

The AQ committee of our master meets periodically to define, implent and monitor the actions that are brought forth to guarantee the quality of our master. The team also produces the annual monitoring report (scheda di monitoraggio annuale – SMA) and the cyclic review report (rapporto di riesame ciclico)

  • Lorenzo Corsini (Faculty member)
  • Davide Fiaschi (Faculty member)
  • Piero Manfredi (Faculty member)
  • Michela Vivaldi (Administrative staff)
  • Lorenzo Scalzitti (Student representative)
Tasks and duties

Each Degree Program has a Committee for the quality control that carries out the following tasks:

  • Instructing the review activity for the Master Board; specifically, preparing the annual monitoring report and the cyclical review report.
  • Defining and implementing improvement actions following the review activity, in consultation with the Department’s Quality Control Manager.
  • Monitoring the results of implemented improvement actions.
  • Analyzing the contents of the annual report from the Departmental Students-Faculty Committee regarding the study program and, in general, the state of teaching and related services.
  • Implementing, in agreement with the Department’s Quality Control Manager, actions following the University’s Quality Policy in connection with the Quality Office.

The Commitee for quality control of each Degree Program is chaired by the Program President (or their delegate) and must include students’ representation.

AQ and AVA documents

Here below we provide the main documents related to the Quality Control process (AQ of the Degree Program) and to Self-assessment, Periodic Evaluation, and Accreditation (AVA System of ANVUR). All the documents are in Italian

Single Yearly Reports - Schede Uniche Annuali del Corso di Studio (SUA-CdS)
Annual Monitoring Reports - Schede di Monitoraggio Annuale del Corso di Studio (SMA)
Cyclic Review Reports - Rapporti di Riesame Ciclico del Corso di Studio
  • The master has been established in a.y. 2012-2013 and hence no Cyclic Review Report has been done in 2018.
Links to surveys on the Characteristics of graduated students of our Master Degree
Links to surveys on Occupational outcomes of graduated students of our Master Degree
Links to the reports on the evaluation questionnaires on the teaching and didactic activities of our Master Degree
Links to the reports of the evaluation questionnaire on the organization, services, and internships of our Master Degree

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