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Beginning f the academic year – Welcome from the Director of the Master


Dear stduents,

welcome you, to wish good luck for the beginning of this academic year and to provide you with some information about the way the lectures will be held due to the special circumstances we are facing.
First of all, let me remind you that lectures will start on Tuesday the 22nd of September (we will not have lectures on the 21st of September because it is Election day in Tuscany).
The full timetable for the courses can be found at the following links:

Second, as we have already communicated, we will offer some course only from distance and other will be offered both in presence AND from distance. A full list of these courses can be found at this link:

In the case of courses to be held in presence there is a procedure to be followed to phisically access them in order to guarantee that they take place following all the necessary guidelines for safety. Here is the procedures for ALL courses in presence: please read them carefully and follow all the guidelines.

–    Courses from the first year will be held in AULA A, courses from the second year will be held in AULA B and AULA MAGNA.
–    To access these rooms, you will have to enter from the gate of POLO PIAGGE (Via Matteotti 11) and from there you can reach the actual AULA A, AULA B and AULA MAGNA. CHECK BEMap for entranceLOW A MAP THAT SHOWS WHERE THE ENTRANCE, THE CLASSROOMS AND THE RECEPTION DESK ARE.
–    In order to access the building where AULA A, AULA B and AULA MAGNA are, you will have to pass a reception desk where you will have to register, sign your presence, report your phone number and mark the courses that you are going to attend in the given day. Please note this reception desk is in the building where AULA A, AULA B and AULA MAGNA are and it is not the same as the one at the entrance of the department buildings. It is strictly necessary that you register and please, while you wait for registration, stay outside and maintain distance from other students.
–    Once you get inside the building you can enter the classroom and you have to: clean carefully your hand with the gel we provide, always wear the mask and take one of the seats that are clearly marked with yellow signs. You will have to keep the mask on for all the lecture.
–    For each classroom there is an entrance door and an exit door: please use them accordingly.
–    Once you have taken a seat, you will have to register your place so that no other student will take it in the same day. To do it you will find a qr-code on the desk where you are seating and you will have to read it with your smartphone. Some smartphones are already equipped to do read the code, other will need to download an app on qr-reading: please download it before accessing the classroom the first time.
–    Enjoy the lecture.
In case the qr-code registration does not work, you will find in the classroom a cardboard that you have to attach to your desk (we will provide adhesive tape) writing on it your student number and the number of the qr-code of your seat. That cardboard will remain in the same desk for all day to signal that no other student can sit there.

I understand that this procedures seem complicated but I can assure you that once you get used to them, they will become very simple.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt,
Lorenzo Corsini
Director of MSE

Master Of Science in Economics
University of Pisa and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Pisa, Italy

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