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The new series of the EMOS webinars

The new series of the EMOS webinars will be kicked off.

This webinar series is organised in cooperation with the University of Pisa. The 2023-2024 EMOS webinar series will include 5 webinars of about 60 minutes each. All webinars are held via Zoom and will be recorded and made available on the EMOS YouTube channel.

 The five sessions will take place as follows:

 Wednesday, 11 Oct ‘23, 16:00     Karin Blix: Approaching the challenges of the new data ecosystem

Tuesday, 21 Nov ‘23, 16:00           Alexander Kowarik, Bernhard Meindl, Johannes Gussenbauer: Statistical disclosure control and synthetic data generation using R

Wednesday, 17 Jan ‘2416:00     Oriol Bosch Jover: Measuring citizens’ digital behaviours using web trackers and data donations

Wednesday, 14 Feb ‘24, 16:00     Peter Lugtig: Smart surveys

Wednesday, 13 Mar ‘24, 16:00    Michael Reusens, Talita Greyling: National sentiment statistics through social media: obstacles and opportunities

The first webinar, ‘Approaching the challenges of the new data ecosystem’, will be held by Ms Karin Blix, Chief Adviser at Statistics Denmark. In this webinar, Ms Blix will talk about the use of administrative data sources in the Danish statistical system, exploring new data sources more broadly, and methods applied to ensure quality in official statistics in the new data eco-system.

We invite you to consult the programme and register on the EMOS webinars webpage and spread the word within your network.